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Freezing Cold

The house is empty.
It's sunny out and the sky is blue. Perfect silence upon us.
Hands together. The perfect warmth of your body in mine.
Don't let me go or vanish from your life.

I have grown.
I turned 40 this past February.
I remember how hungry I used to be - hungry, thirsty for life that is.

Now I have seen more. It's been over ten years that I started living.
Living with color and grace. 10 years of Tango dancing - on and off.
Heart permitting.

I am reading the Motivation Manifesto. It is helping me brew a very intrinsic desire I always have had. I am still interested in writing. That has been my favorite activity for a long time. Along with Music, Dancing and Reading.

Got familiar with the work of Dr. Nuland recently. Amazing writer.

Life gets tiring sometimes.

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